At Sharks Medical Physiotherapy we offer a one-on-one personalised approach.

We start with a comprehensive initial assessment, including reviewing your relevant medical history data. This allows us to identify the origin of your particular problem issue. Thereafter, we tailor a personalized treatment plan to help your healing and recovery and help you reach your desired athletic performance levels (amateur or professional), or simply improve the quality of your life.

Our holistic approach includes a treatment regimen that often includes exercises and a variety of therapies. As part of this approach, we also take time to explain and educate our patients about what we are doing in our treatment regimen, and more importantly, why we are doing this. We have found that in so doing, our patients understand better their treatment plans. This translates into a greater commitment from our patients in their recovery process and often helps us help them either exceed the desired outcomes, or accelerate their recovery, and both.

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