We offer a comprehensive range of treatment programs across a wide spectrum of injuries, medical conditions, and associated ailments. The team’s exposure to and work with national, provincial, and professional clubs, across different sporting codes, as well as with notable international sports stars, has given us the experience and knowledge of the latest treatment techniques and most up-to-date medical protocols.

These services, combined with our collective knowledge, experience, and exposure mean that your physiotherapy is, so to speak, in good hands. Our physiotherapy services offered to all our patients, including private patients are underpinned by our focus on treatment regimens that include:

Manual Therapy:

We offer a comprehensive array of manual therapy techniques. These include myofascial release, dry needling, soft tissue, and joint mobilization. Joint mobilization is often also integrated into functional movement therapy.

Sports Strapping:

We provide an assortment of sports strapping applications and treatments ranging from elastic adhesive to Kinesio tape strapping to suit all your needs.

Therapeutic Exercise:

Post assessment, we use specific therapeutic movements and targeted exercises to restore free and functional movement to affected areas of your body.


We use the latest technology hardware and instruments designed to help your specific injury. These include shockwave therapy, blood flow restriction therapy, neuromuscular stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, and interferential therapy.

We also serve schools and amateur sports clubs extensively, by also working with their sports teams. Apart from in-room treatment, we also offer ‘site services’ at sports gatherings and events as well. Speak with us and discover how much more we could be doing for you.